3 Ways to Stay Friends With Your Ex-Girlfriend or Wife

3 Ways to Stay Friends With Your Ex-Girlfriend or Wife – Being friends with your ex-girlfriend after a breakup might be an awkward experience, but if you both agree to do it, there are ways to stay friends with your ex-girlfriend and prevent the relationship from being awkward or uncomfortable.

You broke up with your ex-girlfriend, but still want to stay friends? it might have felt like the end of the world. Now, though, you’re ready to prove her wrong by remaining friends with your ex-girlfriend or wife. Despite how awful it felt to lose her, you want to show her that you’re still valuable to her life even if she’s not interested in dating anymore.

After you have broken up with your girlfriend, it might seem nearly impossible to maintain the friendship that you had before the breakup. The key to keeping your ex-girlfriend as a friend after you break up with her is to understand the reasons why she broke up with you in the first place and avoid doing those things that she disliked about you during your relationship. If you can avoid doing those things that made her break up with you, then there’s no reason why your friendship can’t continue even though the romantic relationship has ended.

3 Ways To Stay Friends With Your Ex-Girlfriend or Wife

3 Ways To Stay Friends With Your Ex-Girlfriend or Wife

Here are some tips on how to stay friends with your ex-girlfriend or wife after your breakup:

1) Communicate less often

The best way to stay friends with your ex is to communicate less often. If you’re spending a lot of time together, you’ll be more likely to fall into a romantic relationship again. Plus, if your friendship is important to you, being there less often will mean she can have other friends in her life as well. While it might feel weird at first not communicating so much, remember that it’s for your good.

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2) Celebrate their special days

The easiest way to stay in touch with an ex is by remembering his or her special days. Birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays can be great opportunities to reach out and say Hey! when you wouldn’t normally have anything planned. However, if your ex starts reciprocating your efforts at staying in touch, it could jeopardize a budding relationship with a new love interest.

3) Send Her Gifts

Sending your ex a sweet note or a small gift can help you stay in touch and remind her that you’re still thinking about her. It’s an easy way to open up lines of communication and let her know that she is always on your mind. Of course, don’t do anything too grandiose like sending her flowers to work; keep it simple with something like a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day or one of those potted plants for her desk at work.

keeping friendships after breakups has a ton of upsides—just make sure you’re careful about how you move forward. There are plenty of things to avoid if you want to stay friends with your ex. Luckily, there are just as many ways to keep that relationship strong once it ends

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