7 Things Women Find Physically Attractive In Men

The List of 7 Things Women Find Physically Attractive In Men is a long one. But, there are some things that can make you feel good about yourself and your relationship with him. Some men might be good-looking, but women tend to like their partners in more than just looks alone. Here are seven things that can make you feel better about yourself as a man.

Seven Things Women Find Physically Attractive In Men

Regardless of what anyone else says, a woman finds a man who has confidence and knows he is attractive, to be physically attractive. Make sure you project confidence; if you’re unsure of yourself, then she’ll pick up on that and it will have an effect on her attraction towards you. Also, remember that every guy who is a self-proclaimed Nice Guy or Good Guy is not going to attract women. Nice guys don’t finish last, but players do.

1.) His Height

A man’s height is one of those physically attractive qualities that can be hard to come by. It can make a woman feel more protected. A tall man can also appear stronger and more masculine when compared to other men. Additionally, studies have shown that women find taller men to be more successful in their careers and personal lives. This doesn’t mean you should date a basketball player, but it does mean your husband can take pride in his height while helping you feel safer at night.

2.) His Face Shape

When it comes to male attractiveness, there are certain facial features that just seem to be universally appealing. For instance, a man with an angular face shape is considered more attractive than someone with a round face. This makes sense because you’ll typically find that actors and models have angular faces. And even if you don’t notice their chiselled jaws, prominent cheekbones and thin noses immediately, one glance at their photos will leave you thinking about how handsome they are. It may sound superficial but we all know that first impressions do matter when it comes to physical attraction! However, a man who has facial hair is perceived as less attractive than one who doesn’t. So guys, keep it clean!

3.) Nice Hair

Hair can make or break a guy’s attractiveness. Having nice hair is always better than having bad hair. To have nice hair, you have to keep up with a regular routine of caring for it. You should use an expensive shampoo and conditioner as well as any other necessary products to take care of your hair. A hairstyle that suits you well would also be helpful in keeping up with your good looks and keeping your attractiveness high. Good hygiene is also very important when it comes to how attractive you are physical because people want to know that they are going out with someone who smells and looks good.

4.) His Lips

Kissing is a very personal thing, but it’s also an important factor in a relationship. A kiss can reveal a lot about your man’s personality and character. For example, if his lips are soft, his touch will be gentle too. It’s likely that he takes care of himself and worries about what you think of him. On the other hand, cracked or chapped lips may mean he neglects himself to take care of others or doesn’t worry about how you feel as much as you do. Either way, kissing offers some insight into how your partner interacts with people and cares for others; if his kisses aren’t tender, something may be wrong with how he treats you on a daily basis.

5.) Pearly White Teeth

Of course, first and foremost, a man needs to have healthy teeth. The best way to ensure you’re getting regular dental checkups is by visiting a dentist that you trust – someone who will not only examine your teeth but also educate you on how to prevent problems in the future. Keep up with proper dental hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing every day. It may seem tedious or unnecessary, but it makes a huge difference! You might even consider whitening strips or toothpaste that helps remove surface stains that can discolour your smile. These two things can be especially helpful if you eat lots of staining foods like coffee or red wine.

6.) Muscular Arms

Any woman will tell you she finds it physically attractive when a man has muscular arms. A woman likes to look at her man and know that if she gets in any kind of trouble, he will be able to come to her rescue. She knows deep down inside that his muscular arms are also an indication of how strong he is as a person. She feels safe with him and secures that everything will work out if they stick together, regardless of what happens in life. When she looks at his muscular arms, she sees strength and something for which she can rely when times get tough. And even though he might not have biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Popeye, his small yet powerful muscles speak volumes about his character.

7.) Nice Eyes

Nice eyes are a perfect example of how we can be attracted to a person for reasons other than their physical appearance. Women love men with nice eyes because they can show us how they feel without saying a word. For many, it’s nice to be able to tell when your man is happy or upset even if he isn’t saying it. Nice eyes give us that opportunity and are one of those things women find physically attractive in men.

That’s all You need to know about Things Women Find Physically Attractive In Men, see you in my next post.

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